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Arcadia Small Bird Lamp

New from Arcadia Lighting

PureSunMini™Bird Lighting Kit

This new, complete, small bird cage lighting system will be shortly available from Arcadia in Australia. The PureSun-Mini kit can be used to both illuminate and provide essential UV to the smaller species of birds, such as pet birds living in smaller cages. Examples include finches, Java Sparrows, Waxbills, Canaries, Diamond Doves, Budgies, Cockatiels, Lineolated Parakeets, Parrotlets, Lovebirds and many more.

PureSun-Mini™ is a complete kit including: Flicker free electronics, German made 8watt linear Arcadia Bird lamp 2.4% UV-B, highly polished UK made acrylic bracket and fittings. The kit includes clear instructions and lighting info on the rear of the box.

PureSun-Mini™ is also ‘linkable’.  With the addition of the optional ‘link cable’, you can run up to 10 PureSun-Mini™ bird lighting kits from one power source.

The inclusion of the polished acrylic bracket allows sturdy fitting, but also creates the illusion that the lighting is ‘hovering’ above the cage. We even include cable clips to help to keep the single power cable away from the birds.

The result is a very attractive, potent, easy to use complete kit that is suitable for all small companion species of bird.

The Arcadia vision is to, ‘Create safe and effective systems for birds that are also attractive to use in the modern home’.

All at an unbeatable price of $164.95.

Available from ABK and Arcadia Australia.

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