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Callington (aka Top of Descent) Reptile Mite Spray (100g)

For use against snake and python mites this insecticide kills and controls mites  safely. Safe for reptiles, no need to rinse off after application, low toxicity and leaves an invisible residue that...

F10sc Disinfectant Trigger Spray Bottle

The Trigger Spray Bottle comes ready to fill to 500mL of F10 disinfectant diluted with water. Dilutions General disinfection of hard surfaces dilute to 1:500 (2ml:litre water) High level disinfectant against bacteria,...

F10sc Hand Gel Pump Pack (100ml)

F10 Hand Gel is a combination of F10sc disinfectant and alcohol which results in a quick-drying, waterless skin decontaminant that has a broad spectrum performance against bacteria, fungi and viruses...
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