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    A Guide to Incubation and Handraising Parrots

    Covers all the necessary requirements needed to successfully take an egg through incubation, hatching, brooding and development into a fully weaned chick. Colour images, charts and diagrams support the informative text. A must in...

    Asiatic Parrots and their Mutations

    This large book has become the preferred reference on all Asiatic species worldwide. All husbandry aspects include beautiful colour photos and information on mutations and their inheritance over all species....

    A Guide to Australian Pythons in Captivity

    Extensive aspects—400 images cover captive care, species and subspecies—all in individual chapters. Handling, housing, temperature, thermoregulation, lighting, humidity, feeding, breeding—gravid females, egg-laying and incubation and health & diseases. General management...

    DVD—In Search of Parrots Volume 1 Australian Parrots (43 mins)

    Vol 1 features Australian parrots. Rare footage includes Naretha Blue-bonnets fed at their nest, Princess Parrots, Budgerigars in outback Queensland, a Palm Cockatoo with a chick at the nest, corellas playing, Northern...

    Care of Australian Wildlife

    $30.00 $15.00
    Authored by Erna Walraven, Senior Curator at Taronga  Zoo, Sydney, Care of Australian Wildlife is essential reading for anyone interested in native species and the impacts of these creatures impacted from natural disasters...
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