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Australian Grass Parrakeets—The Psephotus and Northiella

A superbly presented hard bound with dust jacket book. Colour photographs throughout. Field and captive details, general husbandry and species covered in individual chapters. CONTENTS Housing Diet Management Diseases Mutations Species Red-rumped Parrakeet Mulga...

Australian Lorikeets—Experiences in the Field and Aviary (Revised)

All members of the Loriinae family are seen in a visual environment encompassing native habitat. Captive care covers suitability, housing, nest boxes, sprinkler systems, rodent proofing and the necessary furnishings to effectively manage...

Australian Softbill Management:—Aviary Studies of Wrens, Robins, Chats and Dotterels

This book covers aviary studies of this Australian softbill group including livefoods, substitutes and general requirements. Species Splendid Wrens Striated Grass Wrens Southern Emu Wrens Red-capped Robins Orange Chats Australian Dotterels  

Caiques—Their Care, Breeding and Some Natural History

This Caique book provides an in-depth coverage for aviculturists, pet owners, and bird enthusiasts.The text includes some very valuable information and supportive colour plates. Suitable for the novice and experienced pet...

The Gouldian Finch

Authors, Stewart Evans and Mike Fidler, with input from Dr Stacey Gelis, Russell Kingston, Dr Debra McDonald, David Myers and Dr Sarah Pryke, have produced the definitive work on what is...
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