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    A Guide to Lories and Lorikeets & DVD Package Special Expires 1 April

    $61.30 $45.00
    The book includes details on General husbandry, Feeding, Breeding, Diseases, Mutations and Breeding Expectations. All lory & lorikeet species are detailed in individual chapters. Exceptional photography. DVD by Peter Odekerken covers...

    DVD—A Selection of Finches (80 Minutes)

    This DVD features finch species and subspecies belonging to 27 Australian, 29 African and others, such as the Cardinal from USA, and mannikins from Asia/New Guinea, and parrot finches from...

    DVD—In Search of Parrots Volume 1 Australian Parrots (43 mins)

    Vol 1 features Australian parrots. Rare footage includes Naretha Blue-bonnets fed at their nest, Princess Parrots, Budgerigars in outback Queensland, a Palm Cockatoo with a chick at the nest, corellas playing, Northern...

    DVD—In Search of Parrots Volume 2 Non Australian Parrots (40 mins)

    In Vol 2 watch non-Australian parrots—Pygmy Parrots, Red-cheeked Parrots at the nest, NZ, Solomon and Fiji Is. species, ie rare Vini Lorikeets. In South America—the Yellow-eared, Golden-plumed and Fuertes’s Parrot feeding...

    DVD—Lories and Lorikeets—A Focus on the Brush-tongued Parrots (55 mins)

    All members of the Loriinae family are seen in a visual environment encompassing native habitat and in captivity—covering suitability, housing, nest box designs, sprinkler systems, rodent proofing and the necessary furnishings...
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