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About Us

Since 1987 ABK Publications has been a world leader in bird-related content.

ABK produces the international pet and aviary bird magazine Australian BirdKeeper featuring articles by bird breeders, bird vets, bird conservationists and pet bird behaviour specialists.

The ABK Publications generic range is world acclaimed for the colourful and informative educational information and are named the A guide to series. They cover the management, care and breeding of numerous bird species. Each specialist bird book provides numerous colour photos that support the valuable information on all aspects of keeping pet and aviary birds.

Australian BirdKeeper Magazine is recognised internationally for its colourful articles on bird keeping. Bird breeders, pet bird owners, bird behaviourists, ecologists and avian vets form the writers. Together with the books ABK Publications is the world's most prolific avian publisher.

ABK Publications also distribute other publisher’s titles on bird breeding and keeping, bird behaviour, pet bird books and DVDs featuring canaries and lovebirds, cockatoos, Cockatiels, Budgerigars, Quakers, Eclectus, Caiques, lories and lorikeets, Australian parrots, Amazon parrots and macaws and finch species from around the world.

Reptile Publications produce A Guide to series of reptile books, lizard books, snake books, python books, frog books and turtle books. These titles provide concise and colourful details on the management, care and breeding of reptiles, lizards and frogs.

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