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A Guide to Basic Health and Disease in Birds (Revised Edition)

When keeping birds it is vital to understand Why Do Birds Get Sick?, Signs of Illness, First Aid, Diet, Medicating Birds, Common Problems and Diseases according to Species, Antibiotics, Parasite Control...

A Guide to Health and Disease in Reptiles and Amphibians

The basics of reptile and amphibian health and husbandry covered will equip you with the essentials in understanding how to care for your reptile, frog or turtle. Filled with over 240-colour images to...

Keeping Short-Necked Turtles

This 33-page full colour, softcover title by Darren Green covers Short-Necked Turtles of the Emydura genus. The book includes information on Behaviour, Handling, Plants, Enclosure Requirements, Feeding, Breeding and Ailments.
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