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DVD—Train Your Parrot to Talk (43 mins)

Barbara discusses common myths about talking parrots, which species make ideal candidates, effective ways to expose your parrot to sounds you want repeated, proven methods for encouraging your parrot to...

Good Bird—a Guide to Solving Behavioural Problems in Companion Parrots

By renowned bird behaviourist,  Barbara Heidenreich, this 81-page softcover compact book includes black and white images and illustrations to support advice on basic problems to solving behaviours such as Screaming  Biting  Bonding...

Rest of the World - Birdkeeper Magazine Print Subscription

Australian BirdKeeper Magazine is recognised internationally for its colourful articles on bird keeping. With the books ABK is the world's most prolific avian publisher. Bird breeders, pet bird owners, behaviourists and vets form...
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