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A Guide to Australian Skinks In Captivity

Covers captive husbandry of popular Australian skink species—Blue-tongued, Shingleback, Burrowing, Crevice, Forest and Water Skinks, Prickly Forest, Rainbow Skinks, Sand Swimmers, Slender Blue-tongued, Pink-tongued, Small Terrestrial and Striped Skinks.  The...

An Introduction to Keeping and Breeding Australian Reptiles

Keep reptiles, turtles, crocodiles, snakes and lizards? Then this colourful book is an essential reference. Captive husbandry and species chapters include a distribution map, enclosure size, incubation times, heating, lighting...

Keeping and Breeding Australian Lizards

This title contains a detailed account of how to maintain and propagate members of the Australian lizard fauna. 1000 colour photographs & indexed. Chapters cover all aspects of Husbandry of geckos,...
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