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A Guide to Grey Parrots as Pet and Aviary Birds (Soft Cover)

Comprehensive information on the African and Timneh Grey Parrots in the Wild and as a breeding and companion bird makes this title a valuable reference for any owner of such an...

Australian Cockatoos

 Hardcover with dust jacket full colour title is written by Stan Sindel and Robert Lynn. 252 pages.  As a field and avicultural study of all Australian Cockatoos this title covers all black...

Eclectus—A Complete Pet Owner's Manual

Eclectus are a special breed of medium-sized parrot, enjoyed for their vibrant colour and endearing nature. By Katy McElroy this 96-colour page book was written especially to introduce inexperienced and prospective...

Good Bird—a Guide to Solving Behavioural Problems in Companion Parrots

By renowned bird behaviourist, Barbara Heidenreich, this 81-page softcover compact book includes black and white images and illustrations to support advice on basic problems to solving behaviours such as Screaming  Biting  Bonding...

Keeping Pet Chickens

 Written by Johannes Paul and William Windham this 96-colour page instructive manual includes illustrations and down-to-earth language showing you how to master every aspect of keeping and raising healthy and...
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