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KID'S BOOKS—What a great way to educate kids about wildlife and learn to relate to illustrations plus learn to read or even know how to read. A wonderful educational experience! 

The books we offer at ABK are Highly Recommended reading for all developing ages and even the elderly in the family.

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    Good Bird—a Guide to Solving Behavioural Problems in Companion Parrots

    $29.50 $15.00
    By renowned bird behaviourist, Barbara Heidenreich, this 81-page softcover compact book includes black and white images and illustrations to support advice on basic problems to solving behaviours such as Screaming  Biting  Bonding...

    Keeping Pet Chickens

    $25.00 $10.00
     Written by Johannes Paul and William Windham this 96-colour page instructive manual includes illustrations and down-to-earth language showing you how to master every aspect of keeping and raising healthy and...

    The Ultimate Pet Handbook—An Essential Guide for Young People With A Passion For Pets

    $29.00 $20.00
    THE ULTIMATE PET HANDBOOK An Essential Guide for Young People With A Passion For Pets By Ben Dessen 176 Colour Pages, Paperback. Great Kids Gift ISBN 9781760792114 Pets make great companions...

    Training your Pet Rabbit—Second Edition

    $20.00 $10.00
    By Patricia Bartlett, this 90-colour page book was written to introduce pet owners to a wealth of information on rabbit purchase, housing, nutrition, behaviour, health and training for the litter box, leash, tricks, clicker training, jumping and...

    Who’s the Gang on Our Street?

    Who’s the Gang on Our Street? Author: Susanne Gervay. Illustrator: Nancy Bevington. ISBN 9781922896810 PB. 36 Colour pages in Paperback. Who’s The Gang on Our Street is a narrative non-fiction with supporting facts....

    Australian Backyard Birds

    $29.99 $25.00
    Australian Backyard Birds Author: Myke Mollard ISBN 9781922800060. Publisher: Woodslane Press Available from ABK Distribution at Hard Cover. 48 Colour Pages In the new book Australian Backyard Birds, author,...
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