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    Keeping Frogs

    This 36-page full colour softcover title by Mark Davidson discusses the Australian Blue-tongued Lizard. Topics include:General ManagementHousingFeedingBreedingHealth and Disease

    Keeping Bearded Dragons—Revised Edition

    This 76-page full colour title by Darren Green discusses the Pogona genus of Australian Bearded Dragons.Topics include:EnclosuresChoosing a Bearded DragonFeedingBrumationWinter CareBreedingJuvenile CareAilments and Disorders 9 species in individual chapters

    A Guide to Health and Disease in Reptiles and Amphibians

    The basics of reptile and amphibian health and husbandry covered will equip you with the essentials in understanding how to care for your reptile, frog or turtle. Filled with over 240-colour images to...

    A Guide to Australian Skinks In Captivity

    Covers captive husbandry of popular Australian skink species—Blue-tongued, Shingleback, Burrowing, Crevice, Forest and Water Skinks, Prickly Forest, Rainbow Skinks, Sand Swimmers, Slender Blue-tongued, Pink-tongued, Small Terrestrial and Striped Skinks.  The...

    A Guide to Australian Pythons in Captivity

    Extensive aspects—400 images cover captive care, species and subspecies—all in individual chapters. Handling, housing, temperature, thermoregulation, lighting, humidity, feeding, breeding—gravid females, egg-laying and incubation and health & diseases. General management...

    Lovebirds—A Complete Pet Owner's Manual

    Lovebirds are a popular pet parrot choice and are available in some lovely pastel colours. By Mary Gorman this 96-colour page book was written especially to introduce inexperienced and prospective pet owners to...

    Keeping Pet Chickens

     Written by Johannes Paul and William Windham this 96-colour page instructive manual includes illustrations and down-to-earth language showing you how to master every aspect of keeping and raising healthy and...

    Canaries—A Complete Pet Owner's Manual

    The Canary is the world's most popular pet parrot, known for their playful companionship and sweet song. This book was written to introduce inexperienced and prospective pet owners to the pleasures and...

    Amazons—A Complete Pet Owner's Manual

    Amazon Parrots are medium-sized and known for their playful companionship and talking ability. By Gayle Soucek this colour book was written especially to introduce inexperienced and prospective pet owners to the pleasures and duties...

    Good Bird—a Guide to Solving Behavioural Problems in Companion Parrots

    By renowned bird behaviourist,  Barbara Heidenreich, this 81-page softcover compact book includes black and white images and illustrations to support advice on basic problems to solving behaviours such as Screaming  Biting  Bonding...

    Understanding Parrots—Cues from Nature

    This intriguing 186–page softcover book by Rosemary Low provides rare insights into the parrot world gained from over 50 years of the author’s intense daily observations of more than 200...

    Pyrrhura Parakeets (Conures)—Aviculture, Natural History, Conservation

    This soft cover 262-page book written by Rosemary Low includes 70 colour photos and 20 maps depicting the 32 species in the Pyrrhura conure group. Rosemary details these species in their natural...

    Australian Broad-tailed Parrots—Platycercus and Barnardius Genus

    This colour book is a field and avicultural study of the rosella and Australian Ring-necked Parrot species. General chapters include Housing, Management, Diet and Diseases. Each species is discussed at length in individual chapters. CONTENTS Field observations Subspecies Racial...

    A Guide to Neophema and Neopsephotus Genera (English Revised Edition) Soft Cover

    Covers husbandry, breeding, pigmentation, mutations, genetics, and health and diseases. Each species is discussed in its own chapter with numerous colour images of mutations, the best collection in a book...

    A Guide to Grey Parrots as Pet and Aviary Birds (Hard Cover)

    Comprehensive information on the African and Congo Grey Parrots in the Wild and as a breeding and companion bird makes this title a valuable reference for any owner of such...
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