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    Australian Broad-tailed Parrots—Platycercus and Barnardius Genus

    This colour book is a field and avicultural study of the rosella and Australian Ring-necked Parrot species. General chapters include Housing, Management, Diet and Diseases. Each species is discussed at length in individual chapters. CONTENTS Field observations Subspecies Racial...

    Australian Cockatoos

     Hardcover with dust jacket full colour title is written by Stan Sindel and Robert Lynn. 252 pages.  As a field and avicultural study of all Australian Cockatoos this title covers all black...

    Australian Coral-billed Parrots

    This colourful hard bound book with dust jacket covers field and captive details, general husbandry and species in individual chapters.   General Care includes Diet, Management, Diseases & Mutations.   Each species is...

    Birds By Tim Flach

    Radiating grace, intelligence, and bird humour, Birds by Tim Flach, tantalises human imagination. Working for years in his studio and in the field, internationally acclaimed photographer Tim Flach has portrayed...

    Caiques—Their Care, Breeding and Some Natural History

    This Caique book provides an in-depth coverage for aviculturists, pet owners, and bird enthusiasts.The text includes some very valuable information and supportive colour plates. Suitable for the novice and experienced pet...

    DVD—In Search of Parrots Volume 1 Australian Parrots (43 mins)

    Vol 1 features Australian parrots. Rare footage includes Naretha Blue-bonnets fed at their nest, Princess Parrots, Budgerigars in outback Queensland, a Palm Cockatoo with a chick at the nest, corellas playing, Northern...

    DVD—In Search of Parrots Volume 2 Non Australian Parrots (40 mins)

    In Vol 2 watch non-Australian parrots—Pygmy Parrots, Red-cheeked Parrots at the nest, NZ, Solomon and Fiji Is. species, ie rare Vini Lorikeets. In South America—the Yellow-eared, Golden-plumed and Fuertes’s Parrot feeding...

    Flight of the Budgerigar: an illustrated history

    The Budgerigar is arguably Australia’s best-known bird, yet many of us aren’t aware that it is natively Australian. Or that today’s super-sized, show budgie is as different from the free-living...

    Parrot Conservation

    Another great title from parrot expert, Rosemary Low, this 464 colour page, soft cover book covers enlightening data covering the status of the parrots of the world. One third of the world’s...
    Rest of the World - Birdkeeper Magazine Print Subscription

    Rest of the World - Birdkeeper Magazine Print Subscription

    Australian BirdKeeper Magazine is recognised internationally for its colourful articles on bird keeping. With the books ABK is the world's most prolific avian publisher. Bird breeders, pet bird owners, behaviourists and vets form...

    The Indian Ringneck Breeders Handbook (Revised Edition)

    The Indian Ringneck Breeders Handbook explains basic genetics and chapters highlighting mutations developed in the Indian Ring-necked Parrot species. These chapters include breeding expectation tables—an asset to the mutation breeder. Colour...
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