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    DVD—In Search of Parrots Volume 2 Non Australian Parrots (40 mins)

    In Vol 2 watch non-Australian parrots—Pygmy Parrots, Red-cheeked Parrots at the nest, NZ, Solomon and Fiji Is. species, ie rare Vini Lorikeets. In South America—the Yellow-eared, Golden-plumed and Fuertes’s Parrot feeding...

    DVD—Train Your Parrot to Talk (43 mins)

    Barbara discusses common myths about talking parrots, which species make ideal candidates, effective ways to expose your parrot to sounds you want repeated, proven methods for encouraging your parrot to...

    Parrots and Finches—Healthy Nutrition

    This softcover 153-page book including 45 colour photos draws Rosemary Low's own experiences, and consultation provide practical advice on effective diets. Each chapter is easy to read, with the technical...

    Pyrrhura Parakeets (Conures)—Aviculture, Natural History, Conservation

    This soft cover 262-page book written by Rosemary Low includes 70 colour photos and 20 maps depicting the 32 species in the Pyrrhura conure group. Rosemary details these species in their natural...
    Rest of the World - Birdkeeper Magazine Print Subscription

    Rest of the World - Birdkeeper Magazine Print Subscription

    Australian BirdKeeper Magazine is recognised internationally for its colourful articles on bird keeping. With the books ABK is the world's most prolific avian publisher. Bird breeders, pet bird owners, behaviourists and vets form...

    The Indian Ringneck Breeders Handbook (Revised Edition)

    The Indian Ringneck Breeders Handbook explains basic genetics and chapters highlighting mutations developed in the Indian Ring-necked Parrot species. These chapters include breeding expectation tables—an asset to the mutation breeder. Colour...

    Understanding Parrots—Cues from Nature

    This intriguing 186–page softcover book by Rosemary Low provides rare insights into the parrot world gained from over 50 years of the author’s intense daily observations of more than 200...
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